Policies for Work


All shipping is done through USPS, priority and signature required, with insurance for the purchase price. I cannot be held responsible for the piece after it is given to the USPS.

If damage during shipment occurs, I will provide any purchase information and original photos for filing a claim. 

International shipping is available, Sent priority, fully insured and full value will be declared. 


     The finish work is guaranteed not to peel, lift, or crack for one year from date of shipment to you. 

I am not responsible for any issues that rarely arise from a resin model such as leaching or softening of legs. 

Any finish work damage caused by exposure to extreme temperature, improper storage/handling, or inadequate protection provided during transportation are not covered under this guarantee. I advise you to not wrap horses in tissue paper of any sort, because there is not guarantee of oils or lotions in them. 


    For the first owner of the piece, for the first year I offer very very low cost scratch repair. 

After the first year, or for subsequent owners, I offer damage repair starting at $15 hour. This does not include shipping to or from me. Please note that since I started painting in 2000, I have changed paints and lacquers.


     Photographs may not be used for re-sale of model, since the condition may have changed since purchase. 

Resin Photos : 

     Sculpting artists of course may use any photos of their work on my site without permission :)